Who am I

My name is Fred Lapham. I am a licensed and insured design/build contractor in Woodbridge Virginia, .I have been a full-time, independent, individually licensed contractor since 2003, and have been in the remodeling business for over 25 years. My first major project was a 2-car garage I built in Arlington in 1981. I do kitchens, bathrooms, recreation rooms, bedrooms, basements, and specialty rooms. I especially enjoy projects which are absolutely unique and have no "mass production" character to them. Virginia Lic # 2705-091186 B (BLD) expires 1/31/2011, insured through Erie Insurance Group .

Why I am not your typical contractor

I do my work to a higher standard than is found in most construction. I personally do most of the work on the projects I undertake. I will always be there to supervise any other contractors or workers. I stand behind the quality of my work with a 2 year guarantee on workmanship. I have no employee's , you will always be dealing directly with me.


I charge by the hour. Currently my rate is $ 50.00 hour for site work and $ 40.00 hour for design assistance, product selection and material pickup. I do not mark up materials and pass on any available discounts that I receive. You are paying for my time, therefore you have much more flexibility in making choices or asking for changes. I am not going to do a lesser quality job just to be done with it, as is very typical of large companies and the subcontractors they use. I do the job right. I will not use cheap materials or products . I am not the contractor for everyone. If getting the lowest price or having it done as quickly as possible are your priorities then I am not for you. If having your project done right and completely to your satisfaction is what you are looking for then give me a call, 703-880-9837 or email me using the contact button. The initial visit to discuss your project is free.


Most of my work is residential remodeling and my references are available on request only, as my clients do not wish to have their contact information published on the web. What many customers find the most helpful during the design process is a directed tour, where I arrange with prior clients for you to view my work first-hand and to speak with those clients face to face.